Glossary of Terms

Have no idea what we are talking about? Reference these commonly used terms.
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Editing Menu

In K2 Items, K2 Categories, and Custom Modules you will find the same Editing Menu.

Control Panel

When you login you will arrive at your Control Panel. There you will find shortlinks to your most frequently used features of your website. Note, each website is custom built but your Control Panel will look similar to this:   A...


Copy refers to the edited, proofed, and approved text you'd like to display publicly somewhere on your website.

K2 Items

Individual pieces of content that work like pages on your website. Example: Each board member has its own item that contains copy and an image. 

K2 Categories

The main buckets you organize items into. Example: Board Members. Most of your copy will be in your Items but on occasion you may find content (images, links, copy) in a Category.


Modules are set up specific to your website layout and objectives - usually they are either managing a function such as a news feed or slideshow, or appear as static text such as a donate button or a footer. Most blocks located on the sidebars ...

Menu Manager

Typically speaking, you should make very few changes to the menu navigation. Your menu navigation needs to remain user-friendly and as streamlined as possible. Plus, there may be horizontal spatial limitations on how many menu options are ...

A Reminder on How to Get Support

We are happy to answer your questions and assist you in managing your website effectively. When you send email to (,), please do the following:   Please state your inquiry in the form of a...